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Cognitonaut; explorer of ideas

Cognitonaut| Explorer of ideas

Bravo Child ‘School of Unlearning’ aims to invent new social systems for the development of a world at play. Re-introducing people to intuitive flow through performance art, social experiments, free-form art workshops and live arts events. Leadership coaching is also available for those who are ready to acknowledge their innate ability and bravely apply instinct to Life.

People Soup

Teapot Primitive | Characters, Animations and Games

Bravo Child designs absurdist animations and games which comment on humanity while indulging his surreal imagination.

Watermelon Fireworks

Watermelon Fireworks| Sensory Events

Bravo dissolves the insulation between us and the ‘dangerous unknown’ through whimsical stories and sensory art. Bravo’s Watermelon Fireworks project immerses the audience in light, sound, food and narrative. These are interactive journeys which delight and challenge.

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