Bravo Child classifies himself as a ‘real-time artist’; whatever he creates is inspired by the moment shared with his audience. In an alchemy of words, characters, sensory experiences, philosophic experiments and creative code, he serves something absurb, yet profound every time he engages with his audience. He will tickle your mind. He will roar a story from the heart. He will ponder quantum theories. He will leave you changed… [read more via his bio here…]

My creative process

(Phases of innovation)


To imagine and express through stories. Building worlds with words. Setting the vision for the creative phases to follow.


Manifesting the ideas through pixels and code. Still not ‘real’, yet starting to take form through images, animations and games.


Now the concepts take on tangible form through toys, objects and fashion. They are ideas you can hold!


Finally the most intuitive stage of understanding; sensory engagement through a human experience. The ideas now ‘exist’ as spaces and events.

Cognitonaut | Life-hacker

I consult for corporate teams, present for educational institutions and facilitate workshops for community groups as a ‘Cognitonaut; explorer of ideas’. I also undertake my own social experiments which are presented as performance art.
All aimed at bringing practical application to the theory of play. See the workshops page for details about Free-form Art.

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Bravo Child; Storyteller
Bravo Child | Storyteller

I love language and the worlds words can build in the minds of the listener. One can bend the written word through spoken delivery, chop it up in the rhythms of fricative diction, embellish it with characters or lay it sweetly in the ear as a poem. I have brought my brand of wordplay to stages across Australia, such as Art Party, the Sydney Festival, Melbourne Overload Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Sydney Opera House.

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Sweaty Pixel
Sweaty Pixel| Art Systems

Sweaty Pixel is my binary playground. My creativity at play through animations, video games, toys, fashion and interactive spaces. I am passionate about the potential within technology and champion the idea that it will thrive when better aligned with the systems already in place within Nature.

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Open World Theatre
Open World | Immersive Theatre Experiences

Open World Theatre not only breaks the fourth wall, it breaks the fifth, sixth and any others which attempt to categorise Art and Life as distinct spaces. Audiences are guided through brave immersive happenings in which they become participants in the telling of… their own lives.

Play Your Life!

Watermelon Fireworks; sensory aesthetics
Watermelon Fireworks | Sensory Aesthetics

As John Lennon said, “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.” I believe too much guilt and repression exists around activities involving intimacy, connection, pleasure and visceral experience. Watermelon Fireworks celebrates play, aesthetic sensuality and holistic connection through sensory dining and erotic art.

Can you sense it?

All of which is to say

I am Bravo Child; a multidisciplinary artists, at play in many mediums to achieve an over-arching, cohesive goal. I aim to re-engage people with their surroundings in a spirit of play and translate ideas through aesthetics in order to provide vantage points of inspiration. I believe life is too important to be taken seriously! May your life be the signature of your soul.

Evolution of skills

Ideas & Words
Tech Art & Design
Object & Fashion Design
Art Direction & Events
Sensory Experiences
Life Coaching / Workshops