bravochild is a living cartoon!

Bravo Child is an explorer of ideas; turning an absurdist’s telescope on the big questions. Effortlessly navigating the chaos of the Universe with comic timing and a conviction to spontaneous expression which is liberating for those who witness him at play.


An acclaimed Australian poet, working in earnest to champion a playful approach to life through creativity and embracing the full human experience. Bravo Child translates his ideas through performance art, game development and experience design. The many faces of his craft all declaring ‘We Are At Play!’

Bravo’s work is always vibrant and challenging. Whether juggling words, characters, pixels or bowls of custard, Bravo immerses his audience in a surreality which provides a unique perspective on life on planet Earth.

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After touring Australia’s festival scene with The Spokes performance poetry ensemble, (Miles Merrill, Briohny Doyle, Alana Hicks, Eytan Messiah and Bravo Child), and House Cat Havoc word wrestling team, (Thomas Keily, Zoe Miller, Sarah Sherringham and Bravo Child), Bravo decided to add visuals to his world of words, so undertook a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design, (Billy Blue College of Design). This course of study opened up the world of interaction design, so a second qualification was undertaken concurrently; an Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development, (Academy of Interactive Entertainment).

Ideas now take shape as poetry and are then given pixel flesh through animations and video game worlds. The next phase of creative development being to breach the digital / analogue border by having the game worlds exist as real world play spaces. Bravo is currently on board the production team behind the Townsville Cultural Festival, as Creative Director for 2015; curating and crafting an experience for attendees of the five day festival, through spatial design and interactive narratives presented through installations and roving performers.

To commission a written work or enquire about booking bravochild as a performer please fill out a contact form.

Bravo Child’s Trophy Wall

2005 – Winner of the Australian National Poetry Slam, (Individual Division).

2006– Winner of Word Wrestling Federation Team Slam.

2006 – Winner of ‘State of Origin’ Team Slam (NSW vs. QLD).

2007 – Winner of the Patrick Alexander award for poetry section of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

2006 – 2008 – Toured with The Spokes, (spoken word collective). Spokes’ gigs included Sydney Writer’s Festival, Great Escape Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and Melbourne Overload Poetry Festival.

2009 – Performer as part of Night Words at Sydney Opera House.

2008-2011 – Four years consecutive winner of Flexing Skillz; cross-discipline team freestyle competition, Billed as part of Platform Hip Hop Festival at Carriageworks.

2012 – Completed ‘From Nothing’, (watch trailer here), social experiment with Benjamin Gellie and Nick Boshier, to see if it was possible to traverse Australia, (Sydney to Darwin), without using money?

2012 – Graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development from Academy of Interactive Entertainment and a Bachelor of Applied Design, (Communication Design), from Billy Blue College of Design.

2013 – Established digital start-up PenguinWolf, ( with Erasmo Raimundo.

2014 – Undertook global art tour with ALPHAMAMA as Girl+Boy=Art, (

2014 – Completed American ‘Do Tour’ social experiment; crossing the USA solo, (NYC to LA), using art as currency.

2015 – Established Cognitonaut as a creative innovation studio, using art to envisage alternate futures. Opening the School of Unlearning, to open source my life and experiment with new ways to play life, beyond the social conditioning we’ve been programmed with.

2015 – Creative Director for Townsville Cultural Festival, (

2016 – Established events production company UpUpTrampoline, ( to run creative workshops, a school of unlearning and festivals of change.