For up-to-date news on all my creations please follow my blogs:

Spaceman In Wonderland Blog
Spaceman In Wonderland is the Cognitonaut blogspace for the documentation of my exploration of ideas in an attempt to design a better future. Follow for news on poetry totems, performance art, life coaching, free-form art workshops and all the ways play can be used to change the world.

Sweaty Pixel Blog
Sweaty Pixel is my creative studio; translating my ideas through animation, stories, creative code, fashion, toys and games.

Girl Plus Boy Equals Art is the collaborative project between ALPHAMAMA and bravochild. Follow for news on art direction, art films and live arts events.

Conversation Foundation Blog
Conversation Foundation is the community-based initiative to build a better society through the facilitation of communication between citizens. Follow for news on public displays of humanity, communication installations and social engineering projects.