Open World


Open World Theatre is a program dedicated to authenticity, bravery and raw power. Better described as ‘Experiences’ than ‘Theatre’… or perhaps a ‘Theatre of Experience’?

Open World Guidelines:
  1. Your intuition is more important than the rules.
  2. You do not have to be entertaining.
  3. Open World focuses on ‘State’, (your present energetic and physical condition), rather than ‘Story’, (the significances of who you are in your daily life and the context we view things in.)
  4. Most gains will be received when your coach yourself through the internal dialogue which may be limiting you from fully committing to the workshop exercises, or trying to enforce the image you have of who you usually are.
  5. When changing one’s internal state, I advise not to attempt to draw on charged / emotional life experiences, instead generating them in the moment. Starting with the body; energy, heart rate, muscle tension, breath etc, then communicating from the altered state which manifests.
  6. Do not show us. Instead have an actual experience internally and allow it to manifest in voice, movement or facial expression as naturally follows from the internal state.
  7. I encourage you to explore your full range of potential. How quiet and still can you be? How loud and active? How peaceful? How powerful? You are free to test these out without them being attached to your identity back in the ‘real world’. If you participate in a dark scene, allow yourself to hold the destructive, hateful intentions fully, if it is a light scene, similarly allow full creation and love. Once the scene is over, allow those states to release. They do not colour who you actually are, they are merely the wide range of potential personalities you could choose to wear.
  8. You have a right to hold your space. You do not need to explain your presence nor please anyone. One of the key aims is for participants to claim their innate nobility; it is a calm, powerful position which we all have the right to assume.

I seek to still the noise of distraction and have human beings reconnect with their unwavering core.

While we don’t focus on narratives or characters, the skills learned do translate back to more traditional theatre practices.

Some may find it confronting as it is very physical and very free, which opens the door for anything to eventuate, but while willingness to experience anything is encouraged, defining one’s own boundaries and communicating honestly is also part of being true in the moment. One should engage, as one does in life, with a view to take responsibility for self and others to ensure no injury results from any of the activities.

I also encourage participants to aim for positive, pleasurable or flowing experiences as opposed to trying to impinge on the audience or other artists by leaning on shock value and stirring dark emotions, such as fear and anger.

The aim is to witness an artist on stage who is not holding up a guard or trying to be entertaining, but instead has the confidence to be vulnerable and allow the audience to witness them as they have an authentic experience in front of them. This is the wilderness in the eyes of those yet to be domesticated; the boundless possibility. It is dangerous but it is also empowered and a gateway to genius.

The key note is to arrive ready. There are no rules or techniques or things to get right. Just observe and respond. I look forward to witnessing you!

You can reach me through the contact page and express your interest in taking part in this community of searchers, explorers, innovators and play freaks. I will provide the location and answer any questions you have.