People Soup

People Soup character performance night

People Soup began as an evening of character-based performances hosted by absurdist performance artist Bravo Child. The transmedia storytelling experience has now evolved into an A.R.G. Studio, (Alternate Reality Game); incorporating video game technology, social experiments and immersive theatre into live performative happenings, in which the audience members actively participate in assembling the narrative throughout the game.


Specimen @ Carriageworks

‘Specimen’ was an exhibition I was involved in staging at Sydney’s premiere venue, Carriageworks. Creating suspended sensory pods which told the story of different streams of designers through soundscapes and visual projections.

MEMEBRAIN 48hr Art Hackfest

MEMEBRAIN Art Hackfest was an event I organised and ran in collaboration with dLux Media Arts as part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2013. How can we redefine ‘content’? How can we engage our audience in transmedia narratives? As David Bowie said; “Internet is the new Rock n’ Roll”. The Internet of Things must therefore be Jimi Hendrix doing a backflip off Freddie Mercury’s shoulders into a flaming pool of jelly beans.

Other Media

An interview I had with Concrete Playground in the lead up to Memebrain here be read here.