Experiential Dining

Bravo teamed up with I Made This to host ‘It Was All A Dream’, to weave a narrative which guided the audience through a warehouse of edible art installations. The event was divided across 9 spaces, or ‘chapters’ of the story. Each new chapter was experienced through immersive sensory environments and an interactive narrative which launched the audience in the dream state.

Pop-UpUp Space – Syd Fringe 2016:

Watermelon Fireworks will be staging several immersive theatre / dining experiences as part of the UpUpTrampoline pop-up space at this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival! Keep an eye out for the program details to be released sooOOOOON!


Silent Dinner Party – Syd Fringe 2015:

Bravo was also part of the award-winning Silent Dinner Party team who closed the Sydney Fringe Festival 2015.


“Let us open our senses and increase our awareness in acceptance of incoming stimulus. As Life pokes and prods us, it is playing our nervous system like an instrument of the Universe.” – bravochild
David Uzochukwu's Photography

Please freely communicate with me about your vision for sensory experience, holistic connection and sensual art. Contact me via the contact form and we can discuss the sensory aesthetics you would like to be engaged in or contribute towards.